Thank you so much for taking the time to view our web site. We are Performance Autos of Southwest Florida. Our names are Mason Graham and Mark Allen. We have 29 years experience selling cars in Fort Myers and Naples, Florida, and have resided in Fort Myers Florida for 48 years. Independent dealers come and go…… but we are here to stay! We base our business on Character & Integrity. We understand that repeat and word-of-mouth business are the keys to our success. We truly believe that no one will TRY HARDER to place the right vehicle with the right buyer. Our prayer is that we find the right car or truck for the right person and we strive daily to that end.

Please allow us to work for you. It will be our pleasure!!


We would like to introduce you to our General Sales Manager of Performance Autos of SW Florida.
Hi, my name is Michael J. Medinis, I have known Mark and Mason since I arrived in Fort Myers in 1984 and have worked with them since 2008.  I have worked at several "Mega" dealerships in town including Lexus of Ft Myers, Sam Galloway Dodge and Freeland Honda. I have learned both good and bad ways to do business in all my years in the car business, which this year will be my 31st.  I tell customers that we are a "Stress Free" car lot and here are just a few reasons why.  First, we are "Value" buyers, we only purchase a vehicle if it is a "Great" deal and then pass the savings on to our customers.  Secondly, is we don't charge an extra "Dealer Fee" which is just a "Sneaky" way for dealers to make more money.  In Florida, dealer fees can range between a low of $99 to a high of $995, plus it's taxable!  We also don't offer finance or extended warranties on our vehicles because we feel that the options out there are a "rip off" and we won't endorse these products.  For example, an average warranty might cost $2000 for one year and when you try to use, your claim could get denied or the part is not covered.  As far as financing is concerned we recommend even if you don't buy from us is to get your loan "First", then buy a car with clout!  Most loan companies charge an extra fee between $800 - $2000 to the dealer to make the loan and that charge is passed on to the customer.  We have lost a few deals over the years by not offering financing; however to keep prices low we feel it is worth it.  If you have any questions about any of our vehicles, please feel free to call me at (239)-895-3962.  I promise I WILL ANSWER, or call back right away. 
Thank you for your consideration, Michael J. Medinis, GSM. 




Don't hesitate to call us at 239-910-4220 or 239-980-1311 to set a time for viewing as we are a by appointment dealership.
You are welcome to stop by most anytime to view  our vehicles , but please give us a ring if you would like to meet with us personally.

For an up to date representation of vehicles we currently have available, including photographs and descriptions, please click on the CARS tab above (or click HERE) and then select either Autotrader.com or Cars.com.

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